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1 Nov Is there an ialibs equivalent package in Fedora?. #!/bin/sh. sudo dnf -y install \. alsa-lib.i \. alsa-plugins-oss.i \. alsa-plugins- pulseaudio.i \. arts.i \. audiofile.i \. bzip2-libs.i \. cairo.i \. Hello I want to run twonky media server on my fedora 64 bits headless server. it needs ialibs What libs do i need to install?.

14 Aug On ubuntu etc the package ialibs is a generic collection of i to run bit applications in x86_64 versions of CentOS (or Fedora). 4 Sep bit applications, you'll need to have the bit support libraries installed. up the Synaptic Package Manager, and searching for the string 'ia32'. Not only are the bit packages not already installed, the Fedora folk. Not only are the bit packages not already installed, the Fedora folk don't provide any documentation . Save it as “Fedora-iatxt”." One thing that I have run into is that "32 bit support" covers only the most popular libs.

17 Nov It seems that there is no libraries ialibs in Fedora linux. These libs allows you to run the program written for 32bit linux on 64bit system. Hi, I recently upgraded my RHEL system from to When I went to install a bit application I got the normal failure for missing bit libs. redhat-lsbfcihtml, Implementation of Linux Standard Base specification, Fedora Rawhide for i, redhat-lsbfcirpm. Fedora Licensing; Support for Older Kernels; Installing on 64bit . On Ubuntu the command would be sudo apt-get install ialibs for other . 12 Oct In other Linux distros ialibs is used. Here I have given some libraries and packages that is used in Fedora 19 for installing 32 bit application.

9 Nov I did reinstall using todays daily build raring-desktop-amdiso and am trying to install ialibs-multiarch:i Using Ubuntu. Possibly some desktop Debian/Ubuntu systems?: pkcon install ialibs. Fedora or newer Red Hat, CentOS: sudo dnf install glibc.i 2 Oct [haxe] Haxelib on RHEL-like Linux (Fedora Core 17). Showing of 6 need to figure out what ialibs are on Fedora Still would. 1 Jun 32/bit Fedora: dnf install libjpeg-turbo.i 32/bit Mandriva bit Ubuntu and newer: apt-get install ialibs-multi bit Ubuntu.

For example, on Ubuntu, install the package ialibs by running sudo Fedora is providing similar packages that can be installed using. 1 Mar Graphical installation; RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE; Debian, Mint, the package ialibs is not available anymore on these systems. 4 Dec ialibs is missing for x86_64 platform (Fedora 17). When seeing this message when trying to install bit packages (e.g. XAMPP) on x On Debian they say installing the ialibs package will take care of it, but RHEL doesn't it-fedora/.